David Nelson

CEO / Founder

David has a background in Computer Graphics and Entrepreneurship. His focus is on building strong business relationships while exploring new technologies and products. David is attempting to make the world a better place by designing software before producing it. David loves the startup culture and is a willing mentor to anyone looking to take the leap and start his or her own business. When he's not pounding on his keyboard, on the phone talking with clients, or telling a story to someone, you might find him whitewater kayaking around the Southeast.

Travis Rother

Technical Director / Co-Founder

Travis has a broad skillset in technology partially due to his background in Electrical Engineering and Computer Graphics. He also is design focused and has the ability to work on design and coding challenges. Travis also has a way of breaking down complex issues and providing a variety of solutions to the problems.

Travis leads the development team and jumps between a variety of software, hardware, and design challenges. One of his favorite hobbies is speed running - completing old video games as quickly as possible.

Chelsea Bill

Art and Design Director

Chelsea's broad talents in art and design give our projects a beautiful touch. She also has the ability to bring an animated world to life with emotion and smooth animation. Her focus on the color, feel, and design of every product has allowed us to create amazing products for our clients as well as help develop internal concepts.

Chelsea focuses on keeping the projects look and feel consistent. She also guides and mentors our other artists and designers in the creative process.

Stephen Woodall

UI/UX Engineer

Stephen is a user experience engineer. His focus is always on the user's story and pushing the team to think from the end user's perspective. Stephen reminds us that we are developing experiences and not applications. His talent ensures the end users never forget or have trouble understanding how to use your products.

Shae Judge

Software Developer Intern

Shae is an intern software developer who is a computer science student focusing on programming and software engineering. He hopes to broaden his knowledge of software solutions while interning at Duffek. His experience is mainly in back-end web development dealing with web applications and databases. His interests are in calisthenics and combining technology with physical fitness.

We Need You!

Software Developers / Designers

Duffek is always looking for exceptional talent.

We typically hire on a per-contract basis before hiring full-time. If you have interest in working with an excellent team in a fast paced and dynamic work enviroment please contact us today! We look forward building our team with highly motivated talent.

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